Motorcycle Towing Services in Indianapolis

What is Motorcycle Towing?

Motorcycle towing is a service that you can avail to move your motorcycle off the road if it ever breaks down without breaking it. Most likely, towing companies bring a towing truck with them so that they can mount your motorcycle on it and move your vehicle to a safer location for you.

As said earlier, motorcyclists often find that paying for services to get their bike towed by a company is too expensive. Instead, they would rather bring a towing bar along with them so that they could attach it to a passing car that is willing to offer their help to tow their bike.

The problem lies with the fact that there may be fewer cars or vehicles on the highway who are willing to help tow your car, especially on a busy day. Another reason why using a towing bar may not help in your situation is if your bike broke down in the middle of nowhere or on a barren and secluded road.

Motorcycle Towing

Why should you call for Motorcycle Towing Services?

When talking about the term “towing”, people often relate it more to services that are exclusively provided to four-wheeled vehicles like cars, buses, and more. Motorcycles, meanwhile, need to get towed less when breaking down in the middle of the road.

Oftentimes, motorcyclists opt to ask for help from any vehicles to get towed and bring towing bars with them to help them tow it somewhere so they can get it fixed. But although it is convenient for them to just ask for help to save money for paid services, it is not always the ideal option for many to take for any circumstances.

For motorcyclists who are driving far away within secluded roads where the nearest vehicles are miles away, it will be really hard for them to find ways to ask for help towing their cars to the nearest repair shop. That’s where calling for a motorcycle towing service comes to help.

If you are a motorcycle driver who is confused as to why you should call a towing company to help move your bike, we are here to clear things up for you. Motorcycle towing is not that expensive and is a whole lot more convenient than wasting a person’s time and asking them to tow your motorcycle for you.

Towing companies are also more careful at towing and transporting your car to a near repair shop than how a passing car on the road would tow it. And most importantly, towing companies offer roadside assistance to their customers. Some companies offer as much as helping you book a hotel to stay in case you get stuck after your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Although calling for services from a towing company means a few bucks off your pocket, it is still a good alternative to consider especially if you run into problems in the middle of the road.

 When should you call for Motorcycle Towing Services?

Some motorcycle problems happen on the road and are often unexpected by drivers, especially if they fail to check their vehicles for problems regularly. Here are some problems which you may encounter that may require you to call for towing services:

Running Out of Battery

One case in which your car breaks down and may need towing is if your bike’s battery ran dead. You can confirm if that is the case as soon as you’ve checked some possible problems and noticed no problems from them.

Checking to see if your motorcycle’s main electrical source has enough power for you to run for miles is important for you to make sure your driving stays smooth and steady. If you notice some of these problems while driving your motorcycle, then you may need to replace your battery before driving long distances:

  • Noticeably dim or not working headlights and backlights
  • The bike’s emergency horn or radio are not functioning
  • Your bike’s battery indicator is on

As soon as your vehicle runs out of battery on the road, get it towed and brought to the nearest repair shop to see if they can replace it for you.

Motorcycle Runs Out of Fuel

It is not a rare case to run out of fuel on the road because a motorcycle’s fuel capacity is considerably smaller than any four-wheeled vehicle out there. Because of that, motorcyclists must be very aware of their fuel level to see how long they can still run on the road.

Flat Tires

A flat or punctured tire problem is so common to any vehicle that can run on a highway. Anything could happen on the road and whatever’s on the ground of the highway you are riding on could puncture and flatten your tire if you are unaware.

Although you can fix your tires on the roadside on your own, doing it there is still more dangerous than getting it fixed at a safer place. In such cases, calling for a towing company to move your vehicle to a repair shop nearby is more convenient instead.

Collision Accidents

Collisions and vehicular accidents are often very hard to fix and it may often lead to you having to visit a mechanic for repairs. As such, towing it on your own is not very ideal in this case because it might further cause damages to your vehicle.

You can hedge the risk of having your bike suffer further damages by contacting a motorcycle towing company to safely transport your vehicle to a nearby repair shop.

Who should you contact for towing services in Indianapolis?

Available 24/7, Motorcycle Towing is among the many towing and roadside assistance services we offer at Towing Masters at a considerably fair price for you! Best of all, our services can be covered by your car insurance, provided it covers towing services as well.

You can contact Towing Masters on our landline number at (463) 204-1217 or find out more about our services.